Development Strategy (2012)

Since independence, Timor-Leste has formed its own hybrid development strategies, through a National Development Plan and the distinct practices of two different governments. These hybrids incorporate mixed ideas from economic liberal, developmental state, and human development traditions. Yet the language and practice of development strategy have not always matched, and both are changing. Continue reading “Development Strategy (2012)”

Independent development in East Timor? (2005)

Independent development is possible, but difficult, in a small country like Timor-Leste. It requires solidarity and independent thinking. Yet independent thinking is constantly under threat from what might be called the ‘Anglo economic technocracy’, a mindset which stresses privatisation, uncoordinated investment and supposed open markets. Continue reading “Independent development in East Timor? (2005)”

Self-determination after Independence: East Timor and the World Bank (2003)

This paper introduces the concept of self-determination in the East Timorese struggle for political independence, and then examines the question of economic self-determination, with special focus on the role of the World Bank in East Timor The paper discusses the Bank’s relationship with East Timor’s Transitional Administration (under the United Nations’ Transitional Authority), and then some new self-determination dilemmas for the politically independent Democratic Republic of East Timor. Continue reading “Self-determination after Independence: East Timor and the World Bank (2003)”

Ukun Rasik An: More than independence (2002)

Short documentary based on interviews with East Timorese people as their nation prepares for the ‘restoration of independence’ on 20 May 2002 [Independence was first declared in 1975]. The video ends with footage of the 2002 celebrations. Music: ‘O Cabalo Azul’ by Carlos Nuñez and friends. Continue reading “Ukun Rasik An: More than independence (2002)”