Las Clavellinas (Caracas): Community reconstruction in Venezuela (2015)

Short documentary on the ‘Socialist Victory’ community of Las Clavellinas (Caracas, Venezuela), made up of 18 communal councils. A tribute to the social democratic legacy of the late Hugo Chávez. Continue reading “Las Clavellinas (Caracas): Community reconstruction in Venezuela (2015)”

The Chávez legacy – A compilation (2015)

A compilation (from VTV and Greg Wilpert) of the political legacy of the late Hugo Chávez. It addresses his powerful social programs, initiatives in participatory democracy and vision of Latin American integration. Continue reading “The Chávez legacy – A compilation (2015)”

Chávez and American integration (2013)

This chapter explains the historical foundations of the large regional organisations built in Latin America in the early twenty-first century, and the critical role played by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. Without Chávez, the continent may not have seen ALBA (for Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas), UNASUR (for Union of South American Nations), or CELAC (for Community of Latin American and Caribbean States). Yet all these groupings have important historical antecedents, living memories embedded in the postcolonial and neocolonial history of the region. Continue reading “Chávez and American integration (2013)”

Hugo Chávez on resource sovereignty (2006)

Short clip from Hugo Chávez’s speech on resource sovereignty at the Poliedro, World Social Forum, Caracas, January 2006. Continue reading “Hugo Chávez on resource sovereignty (2006)”