Human development strategy in small states (2017)

What are the human development opportunities and challenges for small states in a multi-polar world? An answer to this question must consider human development strategies at large, the constraints imposed by neoliberal globalism and better practice in recent times. Small states have particular vulnerabilities but may also benefit from realignments within new regional blocs. Continue reading “Human development strategy in small states (2017)”

‘Papua New Guinean Ways’: Hybrid livelihoods and human development (2015)

Policy complexity sometimes masks consistent and enduring concerns. What really are the key developmental priorities for a country with tremendous wealth in natural resources, yet a substantial history of resource mismanagement? Similarly, while any country’s greatest resource is its people, in PNG there have been failures to invest in human development. We know that some countries with few resources (e.g. Japan, Singapore and Cuba) have successfully upgraded their productive capacities, by investing heavily in their people. Continue reading “‘Papua New Guinean Ways’: Hybrid livelihoods and human development (2015)”

Development Strategy (2012)

Since independence, Timor-Leste has formed its own hybrid development strategies, through a National Development Plan and the distinct practices of two different governments. These hybrids incorporate mixed ideas from economic liberal, developmental state, and human development traditions. Yet the language and practice of development strategy have not always matched, and both are changing. Continue reading “Development Strategy (2012)”

The petroleum fund and development strategy in Timor Leste (2010)

The paper takes a political economy approach, which combines financial and developmental analysis with economic and institutional context. The aim of Part A is to clarify reform options proposed for the Fund, along with relevant considerations. The aim of Part B is to analyse development strategy, including use of Fund revenues, and the implications. Continue reading “The petroleum fund and development strategy in Timor Leste (2010)”